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Why The Busy-Ness?

How is the state of your heart? Why do so many of us equate busy-ness with success or being of value? Why are relaxation and enjoyment considered luxuries? I don't know about you all but, as far as I know, I only get one shot at this thing called life. I won't apologize for enjoying it fully, relaxing, treating myself really well and engaging fully in HOLY YES, SACRED NO.

In the past, I've found myself overscheduling everything - work, play, my kids' time. Perhaps it was a fear of missing out. Perhaps I was aligning with cultural values that are completely un-aligned with my own core values. Who knows. I do know that it's over now.

So if you see me out on a run, enjoying a yoga class, taking a walk with my littles, send me a smile. I'll do the same for you. Please don't make me apologize or defend the enjoyment of my life. I'm teaching my kids how to live, lovelies!

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