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I was invited to attend the retreat by one of my dearest friends, Danielle. And, while I was not sure what I was expecting this experience to bring to my life, I knew it sounded like a lot of fun. Plus, any stretch of five days that I was able to spend with Danielle - without the muss and fuss of everyday life and families - I was all for. As a full-time RN, wife, mother of a two year old daughter, and expecting another baby sometime in January, something was drawing me to go. What I found was a truly eye-opening, and heart-opening, experience that has changed the course of my life. Most of the women attending the retreat were some form of prenatal, birth, or postpartum worker- be it midwife, doula, yoga instructor, or simply mother. I myself had trained under a local midwife for two years in my early twenties, hoping someday my work would return to include mothers and new babies. And my passion for empowering holistic pregnancy, birth and mothering, for myself and any other women around me who will listen, has never dwindled. Being surrounded by 14 amazing, strong, beautiful, soulful women, connecting in sisterhood, returned me to an inner place that I had been yearning for. One that I was almost unaware of, but at the same time so aware of that I was almost afraid to speak of it- to myself, much less the rest of the world. My mornings started by watching the beautiful sunrise and an awakening yoga practice. Each day, my belly was filled with delicious, clean foods that nourished our bodies. And more and more, each day, my heart and soul was fulfilled by listening and sharing, uncovering and discovering, crafting and creating. Most importantly, it made me realize that all of those things I had stopped doing for myself. It was then I realized this was why I was here. To get re-grounded. To start taking care of myself again. This in turn will make me a better mother, wife, care provider, WOMAN. I left this experience feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Ready for and accepting of changes that I knew needed to happen. And I can say with absolute certainty that it was from the magical work that was created by and through those 14 other women and Myself that brought me to this place. I am forever grateful for these women and the lifelong friendships that were created. I am forever indebted to Danielle for bringing this to my life. I am a changed woman. And I will forever be proud of that.



Attending the retreat was sincerely transformative for me. I was so busy and tired from my every day grind and I had no idea how much I needed this time and these women. It was a true healing experience. The supportive women, meditation, informative and thoughtful workshops, and abundance of knowledge shared among the group was powerful. I was able to reflect without any disruptions and get clarity as to why I was feeling so exhausted. I was able to release some of my deep fears and frustrations and I came home lighter. Lighter. And that means so much to me because I was carrying a ton of heavy and draining history in my heart. This retreat has caused a significant shift for me. I feel so much more present and in turn my children and partner feel so much more of the love I have to give them and myself. Much heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the women who participated in the retreat and especially to Danielle. You are such a wise and compassionate leader in this journey. Thank you for bringing us into this sacred fold.


Be prepared to leave with a lump in your throat, sisters for a lifetime and more knowledge than you ever could have asked for. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Danielle and the retreat but it beyond exceeded any expectations I could have had. Danielle is the kind of person that immediately puts you at ease and her strength, compassion and intelligence kind of take over your being. The daily schedules were perfectly balanced between morning yoga, circles, sessions and delicious food.  There is so much information but you never feel overwhelmed and to have the opportunity to sit with your peers, your sisters, and offer guidance, support and love is so special you really have to experience it to understand.


When l signed up for the retreat, I really did not know what to expect. The first day of the retreat, l knew that this was where l needed to be. Danielle, Christy and Jesika put so much love, energy and good vibes into every ounce of this new life experience offering.

In the midst of raising two little ones, the endless cooking, cleaning and working, l had lost my true sense of self. I not only left this Retreat with a full heart, a group of amazing women who l now consider sisters, but also a new, grounded, centered self. This trip was truly transformational and l am so blessed that l got to be a part of it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo

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