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This Could Be A Two Week Course!

by Maryann

I can't believe the amount of information packed into one week. This could be a two week course. Great energy (collective) throughout class! There's not one thing I'd change. Working as a team to create a mala ... Beautiful. Everything had value. I gained confidence to teach class and speak in front of a group. This was a sample of a full course meal ...

A Stronger Foundation for Sequencing

by Michelle

It was very special to practice the mandala 108 sequence. I thought there would be a bit more teaching assesment but I like the approach. The training helped me to solidify ways to build sequences, especially to a peak pose. The review of basic 200-hour course material was nice, especially chakras. This has given me a stronger foundation for sequencing and more confidence in my approach to class planning.

A Nurturing Enviroment To Learn

by Fran

An unexpected surprise: The quality of the women attending the training and the great support we gave each other in a nurturing environment to learn! My confidence has been boosted. The instructors are AMAZING!

Nurturing and Authentic Experience - Life Changing!

by Heike

This was so well planned. The most valuable thing I experienced: It was a nurturing and authentic - life changing! It prepared me to teach by filling in the missing pieces and it challenged my creativity.

Everything Was Beyond My Expectations

By Guadaloupe

I was pleasantly surpised to know how many people were from differnt backgrounds and countries! Everything was way beyond my expectations. This training prepared me to teach by giving me tools to improve planning of different flows and experiences.

Practical, Real Life Experiences to Take My Teaching to the Next Level

by Meriah

The most valuable things I experienced were support, inspiration, a major boost in my confidence, skills as a creative & authentic teacher and finding my yoga!

A Really Lovely Week

by Kate

The ease and warmth of the people and place was a pleasant surprise. The most valuable think I experienced was learning to build sequences around themes and learning to be more expressive in my teaching. It was lovely to learn from each other. The only thing I'd do to improve the training is make it longer!

A Perfect Mix

by Tina

This training was a perfect mix. I would recommend it to anyone. The whole shared energy was a great experience. This training prepared me in a way that I am inspired to use creative transitions, poems, music, etc. that I've never used before.

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