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The Grateful Goddess. What’s it all about? The Grateful Godess is YOU. The Grateful Goddess is ME. She’s that person within us who’s ready to show up fully ... to meet the world heart-on ... to find gratitude for all things, especially the daily routine ... to get real and messy and vulnerable ... to recognize wisdom that comes from the shittiest situations ... to redefine herself as many times as necessary ... to know that authenticity is the only place that Truth can exist ... to CELEBRATE all that she was, is and will be.


This offering was born from The Sacred Living Moment's program, Sacred Beginnings, written and designed by Danielle Gustafson. Sacred Beginnings is an amazing program and will continue to grow, but it was just the beginning of this adventure. We’re evolving here into something BIGGER. After three epic retreats, you all offered feedback and we listened. We’re learning, growing and shifting, too ...


It’s our vision that The Grateful Goddess will grow into a communal effort. There are already multiple contributors to our social media pages and we’re always looking for more sisterhood offerings (hint: that means YOU. We all have gifts to offer. How can you shine your light here?


As for the retreats ... Be gone with the training element, bring in more yoga + meditation and create more space for celebration. There will be a variety of retreats available - some straight up posh and yoga-centric, others centered around spirituality & sisterhood. Keep an eye out for the perfect fit for YOU. Oh oh oh ... And the retreats will be offered all over the WORLD. How’s that for exciting?

So from here, sisters, shine on. We can’t wait to meet you in person. Interested in joining us on a retreats adventure? Check out the lineup here.


With Love,
Danielle, Joana and Christi

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